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Hi crew. Yes, this is the Maritime History Podcast, but as this week is the week of Halloween, I figured a somewhat creepy ship tale would be fitting. Credit where credit is due, Jamie at the British History Podcast was my inspiration, so thanks to him for the idea, and be sure to go listen to his reading of The Music of Erich Zann, another Lovecraft tale. I had another poem up for possible inclusion here, but the Facebook page seemed mostly on board with Lovecraft, so, without any further rambling, I bring you my reading of The White Ship by H.P. Lovecraft.

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Our dual focus in today's episode are shipwrecks from the same region of southern Turkey. The Cape Gelidonya wreck was discovered first, making it the first ancient shipwreck to have ever been fully recovered from the sea floor. The Uluburun wreck was found later, but it is the oldest shipwreck to have yielded a substantial portion of her cargo along with a portion of the ship hull. Dr. George Bass was the head of both wreck excavations, and the theory he ultimately proposed to explain the ship's and their cargo was one that revolutionized the academic community's view of trade in the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean. Were the Uluburun and Cape Gelidonya wrecks both the ill-fated remains of voyages conducted by 'proto-Phoenecian' sailors from the Levant? Listen to today's episode to hear the evidence for yourself!

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